Naghshe Jahan square and Jolfa

Naghshe Jahan square and Jolfa

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One of the most beautiful squares in the world which is second largest historical one and its far from what ever you have seen

A symmetric design , peaceful and lovely atmosphere has made this place different and nice for Persian families for gathering and picnic

A unique heritage in Iran , there are a lot find out here

The most famous ones are located in four sides and exactly in front of each other

It stars from shah mosque(Abbasi Jameh mosque) a magnificent masterpiece which has been designed with millions of tiles extremely unique in its kind

Huge courtyard , impressive with 2 Madrasah and 4 minarets, its one of a kind

We ll continue with Sheikh Lofolah mosque,used as a school

This one is far different from other mosques even mosques in Iran 

A professor from USA came here said this mosque could not built by human beings (mr.hope)

Without minaret, courtyard  and a dome with breaks(but if you don’t know this you find it like a tile work) which change colors during the day to 3 different colors

Its just the begging,you are going to know about Sheikh lotfolah him self ,histories and stories with secrets which you cant find in guide books and internet

Ali Qapu palace , Qysarie portal and lovely chehel sotun palace(one of Persian gardens) are also included


High lights

Naghshe jahan square

Shah mosque

Sheikh lotfolah mosque

Ali qapu palace

Qeysarieh portal

Chehel sotun palace

Vank cathedral

Music museum

Khaju bridge


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When and where does the tour end?
If you like to continue visiting the town it ends at the last sight we visited together and if are tired we can go to the hotel or have a coup of coffee somewhere
When and where does the tour start?
it can start when ever you ask for it,we are at your service 24/7
Do you arrange airport or Terminal transfers?
Airport transfers are not included in the price of this tour, however you can book for a transfer in advance

Tour Location

Naghshe Jahan square and Jolfa


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