Morning tour: Abandoned Caravansarai, Hike a Volcano etc.

Varzaneh , Negaar guesthouse

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  • If you are on a tight budget, you can always come to guest house and share the taxi with other guest to split the price of tour, there are often some other guests in our guesthouse to share the tour with. So, ready to make new friends?
  • Driving along a branch of the Ancient Silk Road, and reach to one of the most authentic caravanserai of Persia.
  • There is a English-speaking guide, and a private car with a private driver with you. Feel free to ask him in various spots on the way, and ask your guide any questions you might have! The price of guide and driver are, of course, included!
  • Watching sunrise with a picnic breakfast at an abandoned caravanserai (Possible to start the tour after breakfast if you prefer)
  • Visiting a water spring and a water reservoir along our route!
  • Hiking a volcano and enjoy a magnificent view of the Gavkhooni Wetlands from the top.
  • Go bird watching (seasonally possible) at several oases and waterfalls. We have got quite a huge colony of flamingos in particular! You may find the contrast of dunes behind the river extraordinary!
  • The idea is also visiting some farms, and see how the farmers spend their day! So, we will visit either of these places: a camel-mill or/ a singing ox-mill/or Henna-mill working.
  • The volcano, caravanserai and ox-mill have been the highlight of this tour.

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The guide can speak English and French, Private transfer
Lunch or dinner

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Nature & Adventure

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At 10 Am it will be Finished

Tour Location

Varzaneh , Negaar guesthouse


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