Persian Medicine Tour – Drink different kinds of herbal teas while learning about Persian Medicine

Varzaneh , Negaar guesthouse

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  • Enjoy testing at least 5 different variety of aromatic herbal teas whilst learning about medicinal properties of each
  • Learn about the basics of Persian medicine and how the correct nutrition, diet and lifestyle choices can help you achieve a more “balanced body” for your type. The knowledge you gain can be used when you return home to your own country. The idea is to see how staying health is not actually very difficult
  • We keep drinking some medicinal tasty herbs, until we fall asleep (as we normally organize it in evenings)
  • We can arrange for you to experience this tour under the stars in the desert. For this option we will take a cab together to the dunes that are just a few minutes away. An additional charge of 4 Euro per taxi will be required
  • If you prefer we can also arrange for this Aladdin’s Tea Party to be held on our rooftop or in the common area of the Guesthouse instead. Magic genies not included!

Mohammad has been involved with partially and studied herbal medicine for a number of years, yet he admits that his knowledge is limited as this is an ancient tradition and there is much to learn. Persian medicine focuses on how to lead a healthy life. One may see the influence of Persian medicine to modern medicine through Avicenna. Each patient is said to have their own unique humeral composition, learn about yours!

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The guide can speak English and French

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It takes about 2 hours

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Varzaneh , Negaar guesthouse


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